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2112 Anniversary

2112 Anniversary (April 1, 1976) There are many stories behind the albums and the artwork of Rush. Neil Peart tells a futuristic story in 2112 of the Starman representing a hero who fights against collectivist mentality (depicted by the evil red star). During the buildup to the Time Machine Tour in 2010, Neil warned against any crossover with the Starman, and the steampunk-themed 2010 tour. Peart wrote, “Fundamentally, thematically, philosophically, and narratively, the Starman has no place in the Time Machine/ steampunk world.  That’s all there is to it.  Placing the Starman over clockworks and steam valves and those images makes my skin crawl, because the stories are so diametrically


2112 Turns 40

Forty years ago today, on April 1, 1976, Rush released 2112. “The album just flowed; one song came out of the other. Alex and I knew what we wanted to write even before we saw the lyrics, the overblown intro, the pacing, the movements… And then Neil had written these lyrics and it was almost magical how well they worked. There was a lot of passion in that record, a lot of ferocity and it cut through the static of the music that was out there and it reached people.” – Geddy Lee Read more with Geddy speaking about 2112 in UK’s Prog Magazine  here. “We were touring so much that


Geddy Lee talks Rush’s 2112 track-by-track

On the looming 40th anniversary of seminal album 2112 in April, Geddy Lee walks Music Radar through the various chapters of 2112‘s conceptual sublimity, “if I can remember what they all are, that is!” Read the full interview here.


Guitar World Magazine

An excerpt from the April 2013 issue of Guitar World magazine where Alex talks all things Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and 2112. Read the full story in the April issue of Guitar World Magazine.


Geddy Lee Celebrates Rush Day

After surviving the apocalypse on Friday, the Rush bassist joined Darren on Planet Rock to chat about Rush Day. Or 21/12 as it’s also known:


2112 Deluxe Editions

2112 Deluxe digital audio: 2112 Super Deluxe/Amazon: iBook:


21-12 to be a special day for Rush fans

Canadian hard rock trio Rush, from left, drummer Neil Peart, guitarist Alex Lifeson and singer/bassist/keyboardist Geddy Lee. by Mike Snider, USA TODAY To heck with Mayan prophecies. Fans of the hard rock trio Rush are stepping into the limelight. A Facebook-fueled campaign for followers of the band to wear Rush concert T-shirts at work and at play Friday is timed to the day’s date, written as 21-12-12 in some parts of the world, a nod to the band’s landmark album 2112, released in 1976. There’s plenty for Rush fans be proud of. The Canadian trio is among the 2013 inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along


2112 Fan Friday

Don’t forget to wear your RUSH tshirt to work (or play) tomorrow and send us photos of you, you & your pals in them to and we will post a gallery!