2112 Anniversary

2112 Anniversary (April 1, 1976)

There are many stories behind the albums and the artwork of Rush. Neil Peart tells a futuristic story in 2112 of the Starman representing a hero who fights against collectivist mentality (depicted by the evil red star).

During the buildup to the Time Machine Tour in 2010, Neil warned against any crossover with the Starman, and the steampunk-themed 2010 tour. Peart wrote, “Fundamentally, thematically, philosophically, and narratively, the Starman has no place in the Time Machine/ steampunk world.  That’s all there is to it.  Placing the Starman over clockworks and steam valves and those images makes my skin crawl, because the stories are so diametrically opposed.  The past is fine — but it’s got no place in the future.”

To commemorate the 2112 anniversary, RushBackstage is featuring the iconic 2112 Redux shirt on sale now for a limited time.


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