40th Anniversary Edition – December 1

2112 Anniversary

2112 Anniversary (April 1, 1976) There are many stories behind the albums and the artwork of Rush. Neil Peart tells a futuristic story in 2112 of the Starman representing a hero who fights against collectivist mentality (depicted by the evil red star). During the buildup to the Time Machine Tour in 2010, Neil warned against

The Debut Album

On March 1st 1974, Rush’s debut self-titled album was released.  Ever wondered about why the two different colors of the album covers?  The original album release in Canada had RUSH in red, which was the approved color.  When the album was released in the USA, there was a printing error at Mercury which had RUSH

Alex Lifeson Painting for Brush of Hope 2017

Alex Lifeson’s original, signed painting for Brush of Hope 2017, “20,000 Feet Over The Sea“,  is now available for auction. All proceeds from the Brush of Hope auction will go to the Kidney Foundation of Canada. Make your bid here!      

The Frequency Assorted Rush Tidbits