2112 Turns 40

Forty years ago today, on April 1, 1976, Rush released 2112.

The album just flowed; one song came out of the other. Alex and I knew what we wanted to write even before we saw the lyrics, the overblown intro, the pacing, the movements… And then Neil had written these lyrics and it was almost magical how well they worked. There was a lot of passion in that record, a lot of ferocity and it cut through the static of the music that was out there and it reached people.” – Geddy Lee

Read more with Geddy speaking about 2112 in UK’s Prog Magazine  here.

“We were touring so much that we wrote it mostly in arena dressing rooms, and in the car and the van. It was done in pieces. The great thing was that we had a chance to rehearse it during soundchecks, so we were well prepared by the time we got into the studio.” – Alex Lifeson

Read more with Alex speaking about 2112 in Rolling Stone here.

And the meek shall inherit the Earth…

A video comic-book version of Rush’s ‘2112’ “Overture” is streaming here  for the next 21 hours and 12 minutes ahead of the full epic suite that goes live on rush.com tomorrow at 9am ET, Saturday, April 2.


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