Fly By Night

February 1975 . 2nd Studio Recording

RUSH 1974 Caress of Steel 1975

Making Memories Lyrics

Available on Fly By Night

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

There’s a time for feeling as good as we can
The time is now, and there’s no stopping us
There’s a time for living as high as we can
Behind us you will only see our dust

So we’ll just keep smiling, move onward ev’ry day
Try to keep our thoughts away from home
We’re travelling all around, no time to settle down
Satisfy our wanderlust to roam.

You know we’re having good days
And we hope they’re going to last
Our future still looks brighter
Than our past
We feel no need to worry
No reason to be sad
Our memories remind us
Maybe road life’s not so bad

From sea to shining sea and a hundred points between
Still we go on digging every show
The cities in the land all extend a welcome hand
Till morning when it’s time for us to go.