Fly By Night

February 1975 . 2nd Studio Recording

RUSH 1974 Caress of Steel 1975

About Fly By Night

Fly by Night was recorded at Toronto Sound Studios on Overlea Boulevard in Toronto, where they recorded parts of their first album as well as their next two albums, Caress of Steel and 2112.

John Rutsey left the band, and with one week’s notice, Neil Peart joined the band for Rush’s first American tour. In addition to drumming duties, Neil also took on the job of lyricist, leading the band to adopt a more literary lyrical style that differed significantly from their self-titled debut album.

“We’re very happy with It. We recorded it as an album. Singles would be nice, but that’s incidental.” – Geddy Lee, 1975

“By-Tor & the Snow Dog” was inspired by Rush roadie Howard Ungerleider’s story of staying at manager Ray Danniels’ house, where Danniels’ German Shepherd growled at him and his other small dog tried to jump on him. Ungerleider told Rush about it and they thought it was hilarious.

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Terry Brown

Assistant Engineer

John Woloschuk


Rush and Terry Brown

Mastered by

Gilbert Kong
New York

Remastered by

Bob Ludwig and Brian Lee
Gateway Mastering Studios
Portland Maine

Cover Concept


Cover Painting

Eraldo Carugati

Art Direction

Jim Ladwig
AGI Chicago


Joe Kotleba


Richard Fegley

Liner Notes

Alex Lifeson – Electric guitars, six and twelve string acoustic guitars – “Snow Dog”
Neil Peart – Percussion
Geddy Lee – Bass guitars, classical guitars, all vocals– “By-Tor”

Recorded and Mixed at: Toronto Sound Studios
Toronto, Canada

Road Master: Howard “Herns” Ungerleider
Road Crew: Ian Grandy, Liam Birt, J.D. Johnson

By-Tor Characters inspired by: Herns
Belated Mention: Mr. O. Scar
Continuing Thanks to: Cliff Burnstein, Donna Halper, Don Shafer, and to all who have helped


© 1975 Mercury Records
© 1975 Anthem Entertainment


Billboard 200
Certified Gold by RIAA
December 1, 1993
Certified Platinum by RIAA
December 1, 1993


Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

Know that your place in life
Is where you want to be
Don’t let them tell you that
You owe it all to me
Keep on looking forward
No use in looking round
Carry your head above the crowd
And they won’t bring you down

Anthem of the heart and mind
A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind
We marvel after those who sought
New wonders in the world they wrought.

Live for yourself, there’s no one else
More worth living for
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry for more

Though I know they’ve always
Told you selfishness is wrong
Yet it was for me not you
I came to write this song

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