Fly By Night

February 1975 . 2nd Studio Recording

RUSH 1974 Caress of Steel 1975

Best I Can Lyrics

Available on Fly By Night

Music and Lyrics: Geddy Lee

Got a living that’s rough
A future that’s tough
You know what I mean
Blanker’s and boasters
All the bluffers and posers
I’m not into that scene

You can tell me that I’ve got no class
Look around youl see who’s laughing last
Don’t give me speeches ’cause they’re oh so droll
Leave me alone and let me rock and roll
I do the best that I can
I’m just what I am
I do the best I can
I know just what I am

Got an itching to rock
A hate for small talk
I’m funny that way
Got my sights on the stars
Won’t get that far
But I’ll try anyway

I just like to please
Don’t like to tease
I’m easy like that
Don’t like long rests
I must confess
I’m an impatient cat

Rock and rollin’s a scream
Making millions my dream
I do that a lot
But I’ll just give it a try
Won’t let good times pass me by
They’re all I’ve got