November 1989 . 13th Studio Recording

A Show of Hands 1989 Roll the Bones 1991

Hand Over Fist Lyrics

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Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

hand over fist
paper around the stone
scissors cut the paper
cut the paper to the bone
hand over fist
paper around the stone
scissors cut the paper
and the rock must stand alone

I could disappear into the crowd
but not if I keep my head in the clouds
I could walk away so proud
it’s easy enough if you don’t laugh too loud

I thought I was okay alone
wait for the postman and the telephone
lost in a world of my own
I thought I could run alone
thought I could run through the night alone

Hand over hand
Doesn’t seem so much
Hand over hand
Is the strength of the common touch

you talk as we walk along
you never imagined I could be so wrong
humming your favorite song
you know I’ve hated that song for so long

how can we ever agree?
like the rest of the world
we grow farther apart
I swear you don’t listen to me
holding my hand to my heart
holding my fist to my racing heart

Take a walk outside myself
In some exotic land
Greet a passing stranger
Feel the strength in his hand
Feel the world expand

I feel my spirit resist
But I open up my fist
Lay hand over hand over
Hand over fist