Band | RUSH



    3 RJM Music IS-8 Input Switchers

    4 Audio Technica AEW-R5200 Dual Wireless Receivers

    Lectrosonics R400 RM2 Wireless Receivers

    3 Fractal Audio AxeFX 2 Effects Processors

    Furman PL-8C Power Strip

    2 RJM Music Amp Gizmo’s

    Dunlop Rackmount CryBaby Wah

    Mesa Boogie High Gain Amp Switcher

    Behringer Multigate Pro Quad Noise Gate

    RJM Music Effects Gizmo Loop Switcher

    TC Electronic 1210 Chorus

    2 Apple MacBook Pro 2.6 Ghz Laptops running Apple’s Mainstage and

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5

    2 Universal Audio Apollo Quad Audio Interfaces

    3 Palmer PDI-03 Speaker Emulators

    Furman AR-Pro Power Conditioner

    2 Lerxst Omega Guitar Amplifiers

    2 Mesa Boogie MK5 Guitar Amplifiers

    2 Hughes and Kettner Coreblade Amplifiers

    Axess Electronics FX-1 Foot Controller

    Tech 21 MIDI Moose Foot Controller

    Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

    Dunlop Wah Controller Pedal

    Toshiba Laptop With Audio Technica Wireless Management Software

    Fender Custom Shop Telecaster

    Gibson 355

    Gibson Alex Lifeson Signature Model Black

    Gibson Alex Lifeson Signature Model Crimson Red

    Gibson Alex Lifeson Signature Model Viceroy Brown

    Gibson Custom Les Paul with Floyd Rose Trem

    Gibson Les Paul Tobacco Sunburst

    Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

    Gibson Custom Les Paul ’59 Reissue with Floyd Rose Trem

    Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Gibson Les Paul ’58 Reissue with Piezo pickup


    A new post from Neil Peart, “Not All Days Are Sundays”. Read it here:


    Furman PL-Plus DMC power conditioner

    Shure UHF-R wireless system

    Shure UA845SWB antenna distribution system

    Kitty Hawk midi looper

    Axess Electronics Signal Splitter

    SansAmp RPM preamp

    Palmer PDI-05 Speaker Simulator

    Avalon U5 D.I.

    Orange AD200 mk. 3 amp head

    Orange OBC 410 speaker cabinet

    72 Black Fender Jazz Bass with new Custom Shop neck – Main Bass

    72 Sunburst Jazz Bass w/ Fender Custom Shop neck and custom p/ups by Tom Brantley – 2nd bass ( and main backup )

    74 Black Fender Jazz Bass with new Custom Shop neck – drop D

    Red Jazz Bass by Fender Custom Shop – 2112

    Black Jazz Bass by Fender Custom Shop – drop D backup ( and warm up )

    Sunburst’ Geddy Lee’ Jazz Bass – 2112 backup

    Jaco fretless is still out but no longer being used for warm up, or anything else.

    All Geddy’s Jazz Basses are fitted with pick guards custom engraved and painted by ‘James Hogg’

    All basses strung with Rotosound Swing Bass 66 round wound strings of course

    Leather guitar straps from Levy’s