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3 posts found Not Fade Away looks back at Rush’s 1974 debut album which turns 40 this month, and will be commemorated with a vinyl box reissue from the original Moon Records via Anthem/Universal Music release in April. Read the Not Fade Away article.


Clockwork Angels Tour Preview

RUSH is releasing their Clockwork Angels Tour on CD, MP3, DVD and BluRay on November 19, but is giving you a six song preview. Starting at noon EST on Thursday, November 14 and lasting for 24 hours, you can watch an exclusive live stream of “Grand Designs,” “Middletown Dreams,” “The Body Electric,” “Red Sector A” “Territories” and “The Wreckers.” After that, starting at noon EST on Friday, November 15, they’ll have “Middletown Dreams” and “Red Sector A” available on-demand, as well as an exclusive video from Geddy from the studios. Check it out here: