Maria Ives for Rush’s R40 Tour: If It’s Their Last, They’re Going Out on Top‘s Brian Ives posted an extensive recounting of Rush’s R40 Live show on June 27th in Newark, NJ.

Brian notes:

“I recently interviewed Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott, who told me that “legacy bands” kind of have to play the hits. And I know that with 9 out of 10 “classic” acts, he’s probably right. But Rush is a singular band. Even though ‘The Anarchist’ wasn’t a hugely impactful song, the fans roared with approval and sang along. Because being a true Rush fan means you don’t want to be limited by just what the radio plays.”

“…Their last album was great, and this tour is blowing minds. And it’s worth noting that, unlike many of their peers, they still play the same size venues that they did in their commercial heyday, without hooking up with other bands on a package tour. They no longer even bother with opening acts. They haven’t had to compromise to the sounds of salesmen, to borrow Neil’s phrase, to stay at a superstar level. They’ve never had to ‘reunite.’ ” 

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