Permanent Waves

January 1980 . 7th Studio Recording

Hemispheres 1978 Moving Pictures 1981

Different Strings Lyrics

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Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Geddy Lee

Who’s come to slay the dragon –
Come to watch him fall?
Making arrows out of pointed words
Giant killers at the call
Too much fuss and bother
Too much contradiction
And confusion
Peel away the mystery
Here’s a clue to some real motivation

All there really is
The two of us
And we both know why we’ve come along
Nothing to explain
It’s a part of us
To be found within a song

What happened to our innocence –
Did it go out of style?
Along with our naiveté –
No longer a child
Different eyes see different things
Different hearts
Beat on different strings
But there are times
For you and me
When all such things agree