October 1978 . 6th Studio Recording

A Farewell to Kings 1977 Permanent Waves 1980

Circumstances Lyrics

Available on Hemispheres

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

A boy alone, and so far from home
Endless rooftops from my window
I felt the gloom of empty rooms
On rainy afternoons.

Sometimes in confusion
I felt so lost and disillusioned
Innocence gave me confidence
To go up against reality

All the same
We take our chances,
Laughed at by Time,
Tricked by circumstances
Plus ça change,
Plus c’est la même chose,
The more that things change
The more they stay the same

Now I’ve gained some understanding
Of the only world that we see
Things that I once dreamed of
Have become reality

These walls that still surround me
Still contain the same old me
Just one more who’s searching for
The world that ought to be