David Greenwald/The Oregonian

Review: Rush blasts through 40 glorious years in epic Portland show

The Oregonian/Oregon Live’s David Greenwald posted a review of Rush’s R40 Live performance at Portland’s Moda Center on July 21st.

“People love Rush, probably because Rush is a spectacular rock band. The holy trinity—guitarist Alex Lifeson, drummer/lyricist Neil Peart and bassist/keyboardist/singer Geddy Lee—has played together for 40 years now, and the group’s anniversary tour is a time-machine trip from 2012’s “Clockwork Angels” all the way back to 1974’s Led Zeppelin-influenced, self-titled debut. There are few bands who could play that wide a catalog without slipping into embarrassments better left out of print, but Rush’s evolution — from hard rock to intricate prog to capable ’80s synth-rock and back to a straight-ahead power trio — has led to one of rock’s sturdiest catalogs.”

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