Neil Peart

Drum Workshop Collectors Series in Steampunk finish

kik drum.

VLX shell series 8,10,12,13″ rack toms.

X shell series15 x 2,16,18 floor toms.

VLT shell series14″ x 6.5″ VLT series snare13″ X shell series piccolo snare

Copper plated DW 9300 series hardware

5000 series DW Hi Hat

9000 series DW dbl.Bass drum pedals

Roland TD 20X V Drum triggers (mounted in DW Collector series shells)

Roland V Cymbals and Hi Hats

Dauz trigger pad

Fat Kat trigger pedals

Mallet Kat Express (Midi Marimba)

Sabian Paragon Brilliant cymbals in Steampunk finish

Pro Mark NP Signature 747 drumsticks w/ Series of 6 Alchemy Symbols

9′ x 9′ Octagonal rotating drum riser in Steampunk finish

2 x Squirrel cage fans (to cool his hands)

DW / Remo Clear Coated Batter heads on toms

Remo Ambassador X Snare Batter heads

Whirlwind custom built drum loom

Kelly SHU internal kick drum microphone mount

Electronics/Sampler rack:

2 x Roland V Drum TD20 X Percussion modules

Roland XV 5080 Samplers

Glyph Hard Drives

Roland Midi Displays

Behringer line mixer

Monster power conditioner
Bubba Gump room (warm up prior to showtime)

DW Collector series in Aztec Red fade to Black

18″ x 16″ kik

12″ rack tom

13″ 14″ flr toms

13″ piccolo snare

DW 2000 series hardware

Assorted Sabian Paragon cymbals


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