Moving Pictures Ale Limited Edition

In honour of the 40th anniversary of Rush’s eighth studio album, Moving Pictures, Henderson Brewing and Rush have teamed up once again. This time, for a very special limited edition ale.

A Belgian Dark, strong ale with Riesling Must, this ale pours a gorgeous deep, ruby colour with a fine, tan head.

The taste is complex, with notes of dark fruit pudding, toffee, dates, cherries, honey, bread crusts and a slight booziness.

Perfect for aging, this 14% limited edition ale makes a great holiday gift.

Order MOVING PICTURES ALE (LIMITED EDITION) from Henderson Brewery or check your local LCBO as select market stores are carrying.

For our American friends, please know we’ve been working hard to make Rush x Henderson Canadian Golden Ale available in the USA and are happy to let you know it is coming in the spring! We’ve also held back some of this wonderful Moving Pictures Ale for the spring for you. And sidenote, we’re happy to see our US/Canada land border is opening up after 18 months.

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