Steinberger L2

Geddy Lee Steinberger L2

Years used: 1982-1986

Geddy began using the Steinberger L2 during the Signals tour in 1982 and used it until the Power Windows tour in 1986. Grace Under Pressure was recorded using the L2.

From Guitar Player magazine in 1986:

It was a bit odd at first, I must admit. But I got used to it pretty quickly. It’s a great size for me. When I was using the Rickenbackers and started piling up all this keyboard gear around me, invariably I was knocking mikes over [laughs], and my corner of the world was getting real clumsy. I started feeling like I was still growing.

From Guitar World magazine in 1984:

“I like the Steinberger a lot. I started using it just before the Signals tour, somebody said ‘try this’ and it sounded great. It’s got quite a different sound from my other bass-the bottom end is really rich, deep, it almost has a synthesized bottom end. It doesn’t sound like it should sound going by the theory that big-bodied basses have a deep, resonant sound. This has got a little plastic body with a battery in the back and the bottom end sounds rich as hell. It doesn’t sound natural, but it sounds real interesting. On some of the new songs I like the punch of the Steinberger but on some of the older things like ‘Digital Man‘ I still use the Rickenbacker. I still love the Rickenbacker and I’m actually more comfortable on it. I sort of feel obligated in a way to represent its sound on the songs that were written around it. It’s kind of nice to switch back and forth.”

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