Eddie Trunk’s Review of Rush in Denver

Eddie Trunk with Geddy & AlexIf you’re a fan of Rush, you likely know who Eddie Trunk is. Eddie made it out to the R40 Live show in Denver and posted his thoughts about the show on his site.

“…the reasons why they rule are many. Who else keeps the same band together 41 years? Who else makes music that fans embrace fully, played brilliantly, and never compromised for radio. What other trio can generate that much music, all real and extremely honest? Few bands have the connection to their fans like Rush. Why? Because they are three amazing musicians who are also real relatable people. Never putting themselves above the fans and never resorting to the trends of the business that make fans feel like they are being fleeced.”

Eddie also interviewed Alex, which will premiere in Eddie’s syndicated FM show this weekend (starting on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston 11PM ET this Friday) and on all affiliates over the weekend. The complete audio is also available on Eddie’s podcast.

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