The Frequency

“The Frequency” is what we call our regular news tidbit section. This you see here might not be blockbuster news on a day-to-day basis, but certainly Rush-related stuff that’s worthy of checking out.

Rush Cover Contest Winner Announced

Indaba Music recently held a contest encouraging participants to submit cover versions of Rush songs. Congratulations to Matthieu Romarin of Montpelier, France, who took the Grand Prize Winner for his moody, electronic take on Rush’s “Limelight.”


Still Modern Day Warriors, Rush Rocks Newark And MSG

Jared Max from CBS New York leads off his article by declaring: “Rush is the greatest rock band in the world. Period. The end.” Well, okay, there’s more. Jared offers a personal account and review of both R40Live shows in Newark and New York. “Every night, Rush brings it like it is Game 7.”


Billboard Review: Rush Rocks Harder Than Ever

Christa Titus wrote a review for Billboard about the June 27th R40 Live show in Newark: “Although the current R40 Live 40th Anniversary Tour is likely to be the band’s last major outing, guitarist Alex Lifeson, singer-bassist-keyboardist Geddy Lee and drummer Neil Peart aren’t curtailing their road work because they’ve lost the love of performing. All three of them, despite being in their 60s, played with the fervor of newbies who are still wet behind the ears.” “The satisfaction Lee and Lifeson derived from it was evident in their frequent smiles and animated posturing, while Peart could have been mistaken for being perpetually grumpy if fans didn’t already know that

Concert review: Rush Turns the Bell Centre Into a Time Machine

Jordan Zivitz from the Montreal Gazette posted a review of Rush’s performance at the Bell Centre on June 21: “…Sunday’s 2 1/2-hour Bell Centre show wasn’t the occasion to ponder Rush’s uncertain future. This was the time to celebrate a catalogue that has remained amazingly consistent in quality (if not in tone), and a live band that is still capable of being surgically precise and visceral at the same time.”