Photo by Craig M. Renwick

Neil Peart Update: Backstage Byways

Photo by Michael Mosbach
Photo by Michael Mosbach

Neil Peart published a new update on called “Backstage Byways” where he chronicles the preparation for the R40 Live tour, as well as his journey by motorcycle during the tour’s first leg. He starts by planning his route on paper maps:

“I do not so much design a route as study the page for a while and let the ‘right’ roads be revealed to me. With highlighter pen, I stitch together a complicated thread of Rand McNally’s thin red lines, gray lines, and best of all, the broken gray lines—the unpaved roads.”

Neil also described his daughter’s first experience at a Rush show in New Orleans:

It was also Olivia’s first Rush concert, and she loved it. I had thought she might last a song or two, but she danced and air-drummed right to the end.”

Read the whole thing. As usual, it’s awesome.