Alex Lifeson Brush of Hope 2021

Alex Lifeson Contributes Vintage Art Piece for Brush of Hope 2021

The annual Brush of Hope 2021 campaign is kicking off and longtime contributor Alex  Lifeson has once again donated a piece of art to help raise funds for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

This year’s piece is a vintage sketch that was completed as part of an art class featuring live models by then teenager Alex Lifeson during the formative years of Rush, and is truly a piece of art and music history.

Alex’s stunning charcoal sketch, titled “1971”, named after the year of its creation, is now open for bids until November 10th, 12pm noon Atlantic Standard Time.

Bid Here for “1971”: http://events.handbid.com/auctions/brush-of-hope

In addition to the Original “1971” Sketch up for auction, Limited Edition Signed Prints of his 2020 work, titled “Forked” are also now available for purchase:




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