Geddy Lee – My Favourite Headache

November 2000

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Released in 2000, My Favourite Headache is Geddy Lee’s first solo album. Featuring 11 tracks, this album was recorded in a variety of locations including Toronto, Vancouver and Seattle.

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Produced by

Geddy Lee
Ben Mink
David Leonard

Mixed and Engineered by

David Leonard

Additional recording

Dennis Tougas
B. Mink
G. Lee.

Assistant Engineer

Sam Hofstedt
Studio X / Seattle

Assistant Engineers

Sheldon Zaharko (he sleeps with a chainsaw)
Runner - Jason Van Ewyk
The Factory Studios – Vancouver

Assistant Engineers

Chris Stringer
Tom Heron
Jeff Elliot
Runner - Kirk McNally
Reaction Studios – Toronto


Joel Kazmi
Ian Bodzasi
Metalworks Studios

Mastered by

Howie Weinberg

Edited by

Roger Lian

Hard Disk Recording/Computer Programming

Daniel Seguin
Ed Wilson

Pre-Production Assistant

Carl Petzelt

Technical Contributions

Saved by Technology
Marc Charpentier
Roger Salvesen
Russel Nash
George Leger
Coll Audio
Morrie Eaman
Rene Spooner
Russ Ryan
Reely Unique Rentals
Joel Singer
Audio Technica USA

Liner Notes


Geddy Lee | Basses, Voices, Piano, Guitar, Programming, Percussion, Whining
Ben Mink | Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Violins and Violas, Programming, Wheezing
Matt Cameron | Drums
Jeremy Taggart – *Drums on “Home On The Strange”
*Jeremy Taggart appears courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.

John Friesen – Cellos on “Working at Perfekt”
Ed Wilson – Additional Programming
Chris Stringer – Additional Percussion
Waylon Wall – Steel Guitar on “Window”
Pappy Rosen – Backward vocals on “Slipping”
Duke – Dog

Lyrics – Geddy Lee, Music – Geddy Lee and Ben Mink
String Arrangements – Ben Mink and Geddy Lee

For lyrics, check out

Recorded during the spring and summer of 2000.

Produced by Geddy Lee, Ben Mink and David Leonard

Mixed and engineered by David Leonard

Matt Cameron’s drums recorded by Adam Kasper.

Additional recording by Dennis Tougas, B. Mink, G. Lee.

Recorded at The Peasant’s Tent – East and West, Toronto and Vancouver

Studio X / Seattle, Assistant Engineer – Sam Hofstedt

The Factory Studios – Vancouver, Assistant Engineer – Sheldon Zaharko (he sleeps with a chainsaw) / Runner – Jason Van Ewyk

Reaction Studios – Toronto, Assistant Engineers – Chris Stringer, Tom Heron, Jeff Elliot / Runner – Kirk McNally

Mixed at Metalworks – Mississauga, Ontario, Assistant Engineers – Joel Kazmi, Ian Bodzasi

Mastered by Howie Weinberg, edited by Roger Lian at Masterdisk, NYC.

Hard Disk Recording and Computer Programming Assistance – Daniel Seguin, Ed Wilson

Pre-Production Assistant – Carl Petzelt

For their Technical Contributions:

Saved by Technology, Toronto | Marc Charpentier, Roger Salvesen, Vancouver | Russel Nash, George Leger, Los Angeles
Coll Audio Toronto | Morrie Eaman, Rene Spooner, Vancouver | Russ Ryan, Toronto
Reely Unique Rentals, Vancouver | Joel Singer, Audio Technica USA
Management – Ray Danniels for SRO Management Inc., Toronto

Design – Steve Mykolyn and Fuel Design Inc., Toronto

Photography – Michael Graf, Andrew MacNaughtan


To Nancy, Julian and Kyla
For their encouragement, patience and patience!!
To Ben and David for so many hours (you bad boys you)!
Ben would like to thank in no small way – Ingrid, Izzy and Lucie

For their time and positive energy:
Val Azzoli, Ray Danniels, Pegi Cecconi, Liam Birt, Anna LeCoche, Randy Rolfe, Sheila Posner, Shelley Nott, Cynthia Barry, Karen Jones, Warren Seyffert, Jill Berliner

For their generosity of spirit:
Matt and April, Adam and J.J, Amy, Cailey and Parker Bruce Leonard, Greg Keplinger, Jeremy Taggart, Ed Wilson, Jason Sniderman, Robbie Higgins, Daniel R. for “supra”, JL, Martin Laba, The good people at Studio X, Ormond Jobim and the equally good people of Reaction Studios, Alex Andronache at Metalworks and of course (my soul brothers) Lerxst and Pratt!

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