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40 Years Ago Today

On this day in history 40 years ago, a young drummer from St. Catharines named Neil Peart officially joined Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee in RUSH… which is the line-up that has remained the same for the last four decades. Happy Anniversary RUSH! Virtual high-fives to all the fans for the last 40 years! Rushbackstage has highlighted some new swag rocking that first RUSH logo, so celebrate with a Rush Explosion koozie and put on that first record…


“Where’s My Thing?” Neil Peart Drum Solo

Check out Neil Peart’s “Where’s My Thing?/Here It Is!” drum solo, one of three included on Clockwork Angels Tour release:


Neil Peart on premiere episode of Walk The Walk

“The main purpose of art is to inspire, and if you can inspire someone, what else can you do?” — Neil Peart Find out why Neil Peart thinks Karl Sloman is in a word, fantastic — tune in to “Walk the Walk” SATURDAY OCTOBER 12, 2013 — 10:00 P.M. ET/PT on GLOBAL


Voting Time!

It’s voting time! Modern Drummer is doing their “Greatest Drummers of All Time”. Two words: Neil Peart. One click–Vote here.