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Rush on Jammit

Rush has made isolated parts of their classic songs available exclusively on Jammit. Follow along with ultra-accurate scrolling tab & notation. Check it out here:


“Headlong Flight” on JAMMIT

Rush have now released “Headlong Flight”, their first official song from Clockwork Angels on Jammit. Jammit is the only app that lets you completely isolate Geddy, Alex or Neil’s tracks. Check out “Headlong Flight” and all the Rush songs available on Jammit at


Rush on Jammit

Rush have teamed up with Jammit, the number one app for you to learn your favourite songs, and have made available Rush’s classic songs 2112 and Limelight. Rush on Jammit gives you access to the original Rush multi-track masters, with instrument-specific versions available for drums, bass, guitar and vocals with the precise notation and tablature. In addition to being an exceptional learning tool, each Rush song can be analyzed by isolating the individual instruments from the rest of the mix, slowing down the speed (without changing the pitch) and looping difficult sections. Go to this link for more info: