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Greatest Bassists of All Time

Rolling Stone put out their Greatest Bassists of All Time and you can read Geddy Lee’s individual entry here. Geddy Lee also contributed his own unranked Favourite Bass Player list here. “I could have gone on and on when talking about bassists that I love.” The players that Lee chose for his list — from Sixties and Seventies rock gods like John Entwistle and John Paul Jones to Motown legend James Jamerson and jazz-rock virtuosos like Jaco Pastorius — all had a hand in making the bass that much cooler. They’re a diverse set of players, but Lee says that they all share a particular dual skill set. “One common


Rush 2112 40th Sunrise Records Contest

If you live in Canada, here is an opportunity to enter a contest to win one of several exciting grand prizes including, a custom Fender Signature Model Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Guitar and a custom DW Performance Series Starman Snare Drum.   Head over to Sunrise Record’s Facebook Page and enter to win.