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On Their Game: Randy Johnson and Geddy Lee

Check out the new article on featuring five time Cy Young Award winner and 2015 Hall of Famer Randy Johnson and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Geddy Lee. Randy is also a professional photographer and has photographed Rush on tour in the past, and will be on the R40 Live tour as well.

Randy about Rush and Geddy:

“I’m a friend first, but also a big fan. I was a huge Rush fan before I met Geddy. To have known and become friends with them for over 20-some years and photograph them on various tours is a huge thrill for me.”

Geddy about Randy:

“One of the things I’ve always admired about Randy is the thoughtful and intelligent approach he always took to his game, always looking for an edge, always looking for a way to be better at what he did on the mound. The way he talked about being accountable. You don’t hear a lot of athletes talk about being accountable. I found that inspiring. I took away from that something that I could apply to my own profession.”

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Rush off to Chicago Contest

RUSH off to ChicagoJohnson will shoot several Rush concerts in the coming months, and fans can enter for a chance to win a VIP weekend with Rush and Johnson in Chicago, which features tickets to a Rush concert, a Cubs game, and the chance to meet two Hall of Famers: Johnson and the band.

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