Hugh Syme on the Stories Behind Rush’s Iconic Album Covers

Hugh Syme, from the book Art of Rush
Hugh Syme, from the book Art of Rush

Billboard has posted a comprehensive interview with Rush’s longtime Art Director Hugh Syme detailing some of the stories behind the band’s iconic album covers.

“I was lucky enough to find a band that, first of all, paid attention. We’re talking about a band that was emerging at a time when other bands were pretty taken by the idea they had to have a logo. But we were all pretty anti-logo. Even the Starman (from 2112) was an accident; we had no idea it would take on a life of its own like it did. But from the very beginning I could sense that this band wanted to make every album they do different, musically and thematically. I was just lucky enough to find a band that was willing to deviate from the norm every time, and that allowed me a lot of latitude to respond to each album as a unique event and not develop a (Roger) Dean sort of style like Yes did or a Phil Travers style like The Moody Blues did, even though those were really cool covers. We didn’t adhere to any kind of template.”

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