Introducing the Alex Lifeson R40 Les Paul Axcess

Les Paul R40 Axcess

Celebrating 40 years of Rush, Gibson Custom and Alex Lifeson have collaborated on the Alex Lifeson R40 Les Paul Axcess.

Alex signs one of 50 R40 Les Paul Axcess limited edition guitars
Alex signs one of 50 R40 Les Paul Axcess guitars

A run of 50 guitars are hand-signed and played by Alex himself, and an additional 250 guitars are available in unsigned versions—all with 5A quilt maple tops in a lush Ruby Red R40 finish. Both signed and unsigned versions feature a Limited Edition “Starman” R40 die cast medallion covering the Rhythm/Treble Switch access cavity.

Available exclusively at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend in the USA and at Long and McQuade locations throughout Canada.

Check out the video of Alex describing the guitar:

  • Remmik

    List price 15k going for 10k at Guitar Center! Yes that’s a big chunk of change but I’ve seen ones two/three times as expensive at GC. Plus this is a piece of art that functually sounds amazing. Just saw them in Tampa, such a great warm sound with his tasty leads!

    • Dave Weber

      I’m a life long fan but…..

    • Dan

      I bought signed # 6 and am going to put it in a Display Case in my office. It is a work of ART!
      I am buying another unsigned to play. I am NOT a Guitar player, but have played guitar since I was 16 (54 now).
      I just saw them Live in New Orleans May 22nd, front row tickets and it was AWESOME! Also pulled some “strings” to get to meet Alex and Geddy for a “meet and greet” (with my son who is 12 and has been taking guitar lessons since he was 8). Best Day of My Life!

  • BacchusPlateau

    The unsigned is $6700…still pricey but more realistic. God I want one.

  • TheDemonDance

    Alex Lifeson chokes so bad in concert these days, it’s not even really something worth commemorating.

    • BacchusPlateau

      Really? What a ridiculous statement. He’s an amazing, accomplished, brilliant guitarist that will inspire countless people for decades. Who are your guitar “gods” that are touring currently? Can’t wait to hear it.

      • Ziggyzag Ziegler

        He had a pretty bad run over the last 30 min 5/30. I love Them, but it wasn’t good. It was a celebration, the first 2 hours was 5star. ,Greatest show of my life , tho!

  • Michael Dove

    worth every penny, how much is a signed one?

  • Alexandra_8

    15k for a signed guitar? That is at least a 14k profit margin. These are just Les Paul’s with a few extra tweaks.

  • Dave Weber

    I’m a life long fan but……

  • Dave Weber

    Dave Grohl would love to take the drummers chair in that band and wield the sticks. Peart cans still write the lyrics inbetween gardening and feeding the birds in his backyard. Next man up.

    • Karen

      Neil has already raised one child and I am sure he is well aware of how he wants to raise his second one. Let it go. This forum is supposed to be about Alex’s kickass guitar anyway not Neil’s personal life.

  • james wesley knight

    Wish I could afford one . rush and a Gibson guitar ,keep on dreaming. If they decide to give one away hope they remember me.

  • Beautiful guitar, but Floyd Rose in Les Paul ruins it for me.

  • Tim Sallows

    One of my Guitar heros wish I could have met, him proud to say hes Canadian. Bought one in 2014 they were selling fast . Its one of the best guitars Ive ever played.Only Les Paul thats totally changed body to artists spec.Only flaw I can see is clear coat isnt perfect but wood grain is spectacular pictures do nothing for it.The output combinations are amazing, well Done Alex you Truly Rock as one of the most under rated guitarists of all time.