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22 Things You Learn Hanging Out With Rush

A followup piece to the cover story written by Rolling Stone Senior writer Brian Hiatt, here’s a fun list of “22 Things You Learn Hanging Out With Rush.”

A couple of excerpts:

There’s a reason there are few, if any, unreleased songs from Rush’s studio sessions.

“That’s not how we’ve ever worked,” says Alex Lifeson. “The album is what it is. ‘We’re going to do eight songs. So let’s do those eight songs and concentrate on them and devote all of our time to them.’ Why would you write 20 songs and pick the 12 best? Does that mean that the other eight are just bullshit? You were wasting your time!”

Scott Moore/Retna LTD
Scott Moore/Retna LTD
Peart would love to turn 2012’s Clockwork Angels into a movie.

“To me, it would make an amazing movie and I thought it would happen organically – that by now somebody would’ve been at my door with a big bushel of dollars, let’s make this happen. And it hasn’t. But we’ve got the graphic novel done and we’re building the world and the vision of it. It’s astonishing to me, really, that somebody hasn’t come to me wanting it. I thought what a great semi-retirement project for the three of us, ’cause Geddy loves cinema, Alex for the soundtrack and me for the story. But I was hoping that’s a project that the three of us would undertake at some point.”

Read the entire article over at Rolling Stone.

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